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Dearly Beloved: The Official Kara Namelisting

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the name

I compiled the following information from 28 years (at the time this was written) of having the first name Kara. I also used about 25 minutes of Internet research (URLs to resources in the "resources" section).

Because my name is Kara, the first answer to what the name means came from my family, way back when I was a child. I was told it meant "dear one" or "dear". In Latin, Kara does mean "dear one" as well as "dear", "beloved" or "darling". Kara is quite the melodious name, don't you agree? You should! The Celtic/Gaelic meaning of the name is "sweet melody". It may also sound clean or virtuous - the Greek origin of the name means "pure". On the web, most documents list the Greek origin and meaning. I'm partial to the Latin source expression meaning "beloved" for obvious reasons.

The pronunciation is KARE-ah (or your can "spell" it CARE-ah), though there are people who (sometimes incorrectly) pronounce it CAR-ah. Vice versa: There are Karas out there who pronounce it CAR-ah. I'm sure some of them are also subject to mispronunciation at times... The name is often cited as being a variant of Cara - therein lies the possible answer to the confusion over how to say it aloud. I've also seen it listed as related to or a nickname for Katherine.

Popularity (in the U.S.): Kara is the #381 most common female name. 0.041% of females in the US are named Kara. Around 52275 US females are named Kara. Kara is a very rare male name. Very few men in the US are named Kara. Be proud of your unique name! (source:

Female Name Analysis:
You are idealistic and intelligent and very much an all or nothing person. Tending to experience constant change in life security is found in your real and abiding values. With great organisational ability, industry and creative prowess you love to build tangible results and are especially gifted at transforming lost causes. Your intelligence is marked with keen perception and analytical ability. A secure home life and relationship are important for you.

Although the name Kara creates the urge to understand others, we emphasize that it limits your vision, tuning you to technical details. This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the fluid and elimination system.

The name of Kara has created a congenial nature with the desire to associate in friendship and understanding both socially and in the business world. Peaceful and settled conditions appeal to you and you are naturally desirous of having the security of a home, where your life could follow a definite pattern, and where you would not have to make major decisions. You find it difficult to take a definite stand, partly because you lack confidence, and also because you dislike any issues which create dissension between people. Procrastination is a weakness of your nature, causing an inability always to complete your plans or to concentrate for long.

Male Name Analysis:
The name Kara creates the urge to be friendly and diplomatic, but we point out that it limits your versatility and vision, tuning you to technical details. This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the fluid and elimination system.

The name of Kara incorporates a potential aptitude for concentration and patient, logical thought along mechanical or scientific lines. You tend to prefer to follow normal routine rather than cope with the disruption and uncertainty entailed in trying something new. You gravitate to situations where you have stability and the opportunity to make slow step-by-step progress, preferably in a technical field. Procrastination and lack of self-confidence may restrict your success.

the namelistings

From TheNameListings.Org: This small site network (link directory) is here to house all the "official" fanlistings for names, also known as namelistings. From the name Abigail, to the name Zvi, this network is here to list all of them. The original idea for this network comes from If you love a specific name, may it be your own, a friends, or just a name you always wanted to be called, apply for the namelisting!

this fanlisting

Dearly Beloved is the approved and official fanlisting for the name KARA. It is designed and maintained by, surprise, surprise, a girl named Kara. I wrote the code for the design in EditPad Lite, took the photograph used in the layout with one of my digital cameras, manipulated the picture with PSP8, tested the site using PHPTriad and manage the members with BellaBuffs. To view this site the way I would like you to see it, use of Firefox with a screen resolution of 1024x768 is the way to go. Links to resources used in the making of this site can be found in the resources section.

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